Helena Youth Crisis is a collaborative community effort to provide urgent response to youth experiencing mental health crises and their families. The goal of the project is to help these youth stay in their homes by responding quickly, helping families navigate the system to make informed choices about services and supports that best fit their needs. The overarching goal is to access and integrate existing and needed services and supports to create a more streamlined system of care in Helena for youth in crisis.

Helena Youth in Crisis offers crisis facilitation and short term stabilization in shelter care. These services are free, though the services a family may be subsequently referred to will depend on insurance. 24-hour response phone line (406) 443-2145 for help with a crisis (someone will return your call within 24 hours).  Caution: If you are experiencing a true emergency (immediate danger of harm to self or others), call 911.

Crisis Facilitation consists of 15- 20 hours of crisis case management over a period of 20-45 days.  A facilitator will meet with a family to help identify needs, present the available Helena resources and guide a family through the process setting up needed services.  It is about getting a plan that fits a family's needs to stabilize the crisis. The facilitator is Master's level and can offer behavioral ideas and community resources while identified needed services are getting put into place.

Short term stabilization in shelter care can serve as crisis respite to give everyone a break to regroup and figure out what else is needed or what needs to change once the youth comes home. This is up to 14 days and does depend on bed availability at the Margaret Stuart Youth Home.  It is not a punishment, oftentimes youth enjoy the time they spend here but have consistent staff supervision and activities. The youth needs to be able to maintain in a group setting, and if they cannot, the shelter will expect the parents to come get the youth or recommend another intervention or evaluation at the hospital. 

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